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Developing A Plan That Supports Your Child’s Best Interests

You and your estranged spouse may work well together while resolving property or asset matters during divorce negotiations; however, it may be difficult to agree on terms that affect your children’s lives.

As a committed parent, you may resist compromising if you feel your children’s best interests are not supported by a custody or support agreement. Your dedication to your children’s welfare can prolong proceedings and increase the tension of an already emotional undertaking.

At Thomas Ryan Rumfelt, PLLC, our legal team has substantial experience with family law matters. Families in Wilson County retain our services when they need help negotiating favorable terms of child custody and child support agreements. We are led by our principal attorney, Thomas Ryan Rumfelt, who has a extensive legal knowledge on Tennessee’s family law codes and post judgment actions.

Leveraging Our Experience To Assist You During Negotiations

From our Mount Juliet office, we will work with you to develop an aggressive legal strategy to receive the terms you seek for a variety of child custody issues such as:

  • Sole or joint custody
  • Grandparents’ visitation rights
  • Noncustodial parent’s rights
  • Fathers’ rights

In addition, our staff will strive to secure a child support agreement that is fair. We are well-versed in the special considerations family court judges take into account when determining financial obligations.

A gifted trial lawyer and negotiator, Mr. Rumfelt is known for his ability to obtain favorable settlements and secure modifications. If your former spouse is not fulfilling parental responsibilities, we will design an effective strategy to address violations.

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