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"I have to say, Mr. Rumfelt has been the most honest and trustworthy attorney I know! Mr. Rumfelt is amazing and helped me through a couple of situations and when I didn't have full payment upfront, he worked with me! I definitely recommend Mr. Rumfelt and his secretary, a big thank you, They get the job done with satisfying results!"

-Tamara Gunn


"Ryan has been an amazing help to my family. When we were faced with a difficult custody situation, he helped us to navigate the entire process from start to finish. From the first day we contacted him, he made clear what we should and should not expect in our case, and was always prompt in answering our questions. Family issues are hard enough without having to worry whether or not you can trust your attorney, and if they really have your best interests at heart. I cannot express enough how reassuring it was to know that he was on our side, and was someone we could rely on. We're incredibly thankful for all of his help!"

-Jordan Russell


"I chose Ryan because he was down to earth, honest, and determined. My case was complicated. Custody can be a long ugly process, but he made it easy. I wasn't in the state, my daughter was to young for long visits, and when I told Ryan what I wanted he said we would make it happen. He showed me every counter offer, but he never gave up. I never had to wait from communications from him. He responded quickly to every email and every call. I didn't settle for anything. I got EXACTLY what I asked for in the beginning. I owe him my daughter's quality of life, and for that I will be forever grateful! I highly recommend him to everyone I know!"

-Laken Suddieth


"I'm very grateful that Ryan handled my case. He did an excellent job in making me feel confident that my issue would be handled in a quick and timely manner. He went the extra mile! I highly recommend him as your attorney!"

-James Cochran


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