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Why joint custody may be the best option for your whole family

If you and your spouse plan to get a divorce, one of your biggest concerns likely is the impact the divorce will have on your children. Unfortunately, few children of any age react well to the news that their parents are breaking up.

Therefore, how you and your spouse handle your divorce, especially when it comes to post-divorce custody arrangements, may well affect your children for years to come, if not for their entire lives. That is why you may want to consider joint custody.

Recent study results

Joint custody has become the custody arrangement of choice for virtually all child psychologists, courts, judges, attorneys and parents alike. Why? Because a recent study reveals the following:

  • Children whose parents agree to joint custody benefit from continuing to have strong relationships with both of their parents.
  • They also benefit from continuing to have meaningful relationships with both their mother’s and their father’s extended families.
  • They exhibit significantly less emotional and psychological difficulties during and subsequent to their parents’ divorce.
  • They usually maintain the same grade point average as they did prior to the divorce.
  • They make better choices regarding their peer relationships.
  • They become involved with drugs or alcohol far less frequently.

Parental benefits

Your post-divorce joint custody arrangement can benefit you and your former spouse just as much as it can benefit your children. For instance, most parents benefit from the following:

  • A mutually cooperative and civil, if not friendly, post-divorce relationship with one another
  • Far less bickering about parenting time and who gets the children when and for how long
  • Far more mutual cooperation if and when any child-rearing issues arise after the divorce

All in all, joint custody can offer you, your former spouse and your children the best option for remaining a family, even though a family where the parents are divorced.

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