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Differences between misdemeanors and felonies

Many people end up going to Tennessee jails and prisons every year to the point where many are at capacity or close to it. For example, the Bradley County Jail in 2016 had only 400 beds but over 500 inmates.

Anyone looking to avoid jail time needs to build a good defense, and the best defense will depend on the charges placed against the individual. The lawyer will look at whether the charges are misdemeanors or felonies. There are many differences between these two other than the fact misdemeanors are for lesser crimes than felonies. 

Happier holiday co-parenting takes planning, flexibility, love

Holiday time is a time of tradition for most of us. If you are a family going through divorce or separation, holiday time can mean significantly added pressures to life as children seek and parents try to deliver the happiest of holidays possible.

Attorneys experienced in and sensitive to such parenting challenges know these can be hard times, but also know it is possible to not just weather potential storms but sail through them. What it takes is robust planning, flexibility, a mindset of understanding and reflection on the fact that joy in the holidays is rooted in love.

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